LabACT - We connect to the world through our eyes – Eye-Tracking study

The program for the year 2011, revolving around “eye tracking technology” used for detecting movements of the eyes and resulting changes in the line of sight, was divided into two periods with one exhibition each.

The first period was dedicated to “The EyeWriter”, an open-source project launched with the aim to develop a device for “drawing with the eyes”. Next to an extensive introduction of related activities, the program included the presentation of two works created using this device.

The focus in the second period was on Seiko Mikami’s well-known work “Molecular Informatics”, made in 1996 based on the concept of “observing the act of observation”. Here the piece was reconstructed with the help of the EyeWriter and other current technologies, and subsequently exhibited.

Held in conjunction with these exhibitions was an EyeWriter workshop. Titled “eye2eye”, this workshop was an opportunity for participants to learn experientially about the mechanisms of sight, and about possibilities of communication based on the sense of vision, through playing simple games using the eyes.

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